Our Vision

Make Anywhere Busable

Our mission is to make every regional bus service readily available online so that anyone can travel anywhere by bus by empowering regional bus operators with powerful, affordable, easy-to-use bus software.

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Meet our team

We started Busable because we believe we can truly make a difference in how people connect with their communities. We wanted to level the playing field and bring world class software to regional bus operators of the world so that they can better serve their communities.

Heroly Chour

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Formally a technical lead on the TfNSW Transport Connected Bus (TCB) programme, Heroly quickly realised that regional bus operators lacked the software neccessary to capture, plan and publish their services to their communities.

Busable aims to plug this gap and help empower all regional bus operators of the world to make it easier to serve their communities.

Graham Webber

Technical Director & Co-Founder

A self-confessed tech geek with over twenty years experience designing and developing technology solutions for real world problems.

With ten years as a lead software engineer at TfNSW, Graham was pivotal in developing the award winning Public Transport Information and Priority System (PTIPS) that is currently being used by metro bus operators to track, manage and report their operations.

Hamid Afzal

UX Engineer

Truly believes that every piece of design can be a work of art. 12+ years of experience in UI/UX Engineering, Implemented over 150 eloquent Websites & Apps throughout his career.

Considers himself to be extremely fortunate, because his career, such as it is, simply entails doing what he loves.

Avindu Hewa

Senior Software Engineer

Tech wizard by day, indie gamer by night. With 7+ years of full stack development experience and a track record contributing to many products loved by customer all around the world, Avindu is your go-to guy for all things tech and innovation. But when he's not busy slaying code, you'll find him immersing himself in indie game adventures, devouring the latest page-turner, binge-watching anime series, or hitting the court for some basketball action.

Stefan Pereira

Quality Assurance Engineer

Meet Stefan, a Software QA Engineer deeply passionate about both technology and cars. With a knack for solving tough challenges, Stefan specializes in leveraging technology to enhance the regional bus industry. His love for fixing and driving cars extends beyond the road, infusing his work with a genuine enthusiasm for transportation. From automating processes to ensuring rock-solid software, Stefan embodies Busable's commitment to excellence and innovation.